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About us

The company has successfully conducted investigations and related projects in over 40 countries, many of which were in complex and dynamic markets such as Russia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. We have, through our lengthy experience and extensive networks the ability to help you foresee and manage risk in the strategic decision-making process.

Gard Westbye serve as board member for the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Norwegian Chapter.
Mr. Westbye is also an active member in several international investigation and security associations and is currently serving as Ambassador for Norway in the World Association of Detectives.

Integrity Due Diligence
We provide crucial support to Human Resource departments, headhunters and recruitment companies to support pre-employment screening/ CV & reference checks for job candidates.
Security Interviews
Your employees and candidates are interviewed to see if he or she is suitable for
the specific position and the culture of the company. In co-operation with one of the
world´s leading online assessment companies we provide psychometric tests to measure candidate suitability for specific positions.

Corporate Due Diligence
Companies need to follow the law regualtion of their respective countries. It is a complex world and companies must be aware of regulations such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, anti money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. With our extensive network and expertise, we investigate, verify and validate all information legally obtainable in your respective country or countries of interest. We use both open source research as well as human intelligence to legally, efficiently and effectively acquire the information and insights you and your clients need.

We specialize in conducting Risk Assessments and Risk Analyses for high-profile individuals wealthy families and family offices.
The physical security, cyber security, setting of personnel and staff and travel security measures we recommend, are based on detailed risk, threat and vulnerability assessments.
As business and life is constantly changing, so too are the vulnerabilities to threats, which represent personal, financial and reputational risk, to our clients. Therefore, we provide regular, routine as well as threat-driven follow-up and adjustments to each of our clients comprehensive security risk management plans and procedures.

We are a team of security specialists with long experience in the law enforcement and private security industry.

We are also members of highly reputable International Security and Investigation Associations and professional networks, following the newest developements in the private security market. This ensures the services we provide you are the most relevant, time-tested, and market-proven.

We are available 24/7 to service your most routine to your most dire security requirements and ensure you, your family and your assets are protected at all times, from all threats, known and unknown.

Specialized Research
For all businesses, particularly legal firms and risk management companies, we conduct background investigations, due diligence, competitive intelligence and low-profile, discreet undercover operations.

We help to protect Intellectual Property - Copyright – Tradmark and Parallell Import, - Anti-Piracy and Product «Test purchases».

We also monitor corporate announcements, public relations campaigns and social media for responsiveness or opposition to client initiatives

We conduct discreet surveillance in support of worker’s compensation and fraud investigations, domestic disputes, and executive or close protection activities.

For insurance companies we provide claim investigations, health, wellness & sign of life verification.

For financial institutions, law firms and debt collection companies we provide international address confirmation, skip tracing and asset search.

For media companies, journalists and authors we do fact based research.


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